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About Us

The Senior Resource Association was formed in 2004 when Tabitha Tripp, Owner of Tender Hearts Home Health Care, met with other like-minded professionals at a health fair. They quickly developed trustworthy, professional relationships and determined there was a great need for competent and reliable information from knowledgeable resources that seniors and caregivers could utilize.
Thus the concept of forming a group of similar minded professionals to provide plausible answers to the complex issues confronting seniors in the south coast commuity was created.

As an elder law attorney, Dan Surprenant states, "I know that I provide only one piece in the puzzle of issues that senior clients may be facing. I can see the importance of having strong relationships with other professionals in the community that are able to fill those needs. That to me is what the SRA is all about!" Marie Cashman, Realtor/Broker owner of Cashman & Co. say's, I have always been passionate about helping seniors. With the many complex issues facing seniors today, it's vital to have a group of like-minded professionals to help guide them, and that's exactly what the Senior resource Association (SRA) does."

Today, many families are managing their parent's affairs from financial planning to health care, making decisions to move to a healthcare facility or to figure out ways to stay in their own home.
The SRA expanded with additional professionals who relevant fields of expertise can aide seniors and caregivers in making informed decisions.

Mike Kennedy from Senior Funding Group, is proficient in assisting his clients with reverse mortgages. He was asked to join the group because of his knowledge of how to obtain the funds that would enable a client to stay in their home.  Elizabeth Carroll, specializing in helping senior manage their daily finances, was also a welcome addition. When assisting the needs of seniors, safety is always an issue, so the SRA brought on board, Ray Melanson, because of his expertise in the various types of safety equipment that can keep seniors safe and free to live as independently as possible.

As the South Coast Senior Resource Association expanded, these professionals were confident in bringing in new members with expertise, whom they trust and respected into the group.

So when the occasion arises, they can give the name of a professional who can serve the client in a manner that would always adhere to the highest standard of the betterment of the seniors in need.

Senior Resource Association